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Registration of drivers

No racing without drivers. Registering is easy, both for the driver and for the organizer.

1. Driver account

Creating an account is easy and intuitive.

2. Driver information

Driver fills out the information about himself and his car.

3. Registration

A driver decides whether to register for the entire season or for a specific event.

Afterwards, a confirmation is sent out along with payment details to complete the registration.

4. Process

Organizer confirms the registration once the payment is received.

Prepare your event

Well organized before the event begins.

Who's driving?

All registered drivers and their vehicles in one overview.

Entry list

One click export of all the participants to send to your event promotor or timekeeping.


Include documents in your event so that your attendees can download them.

After/during your event

The administration starts!

Results, photos, and updated standings are what everyone wants.

Race results

Enter the race results

Upload race results

It only takes a second to have all the race results entered.
Supports &


Add your photographer's pictures so that your attendees can download them.

Standings calculator


Time saver

Want to have correct standing calculations? Now you can. In seconds, not days.

Multi class supported


One time configuration

Configuration is easy. Default configurations available.

Drop rounds supported

Communication center

Stay in touch with your drivers using our communication center. All messages are centralized so drivers can easily consult all messages.

Connect your website

The ultimate website is empowered by live data. Connect your website with our secure services.


No more manually updating your website. When your site is connected, all the data is customizable through the racingpoint platform.


Attract more drivers and enthousiasts with a professional website.


Both Belcar Historic Cup and Belcar Skylimit Sprint Cup are fully connected to Check out their websites!

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